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Walking Billboards For Christ – Christian T-Shirts



You can help support the Living Word Mission by purchasing and wearing a christian t-shirt at  All profits go to support the Mission and its activities.

Will you be a walking billboard for Christ?




Are you infected with “The Disease”?

The Disease:  Its origin – Its effects – Its cure

 Are you infected with “The Disease”?

Do you know that . . .

  • All of the catastrophic issues that affect society today stem from “The Disease.”
  • Every murder, every rape, every theft, every act of terror, are all results of it.
  • It does not discriminate.
  • It shows no partiality.
  • It reeks havoc upon the young and old alike.
  • Even babies are not immune to its effects.
  • No one escapes its devastating consequences.

Find out if you are infected.

Get your copy today and discover how it is transmitted, what are the effects of it, and how it can be cured. The information in this book is vital to everyone infected with “The Disease.” It gives a step-by-step process that is guaranteed to render you disease free forever.

Don’t hesitate to get your copy of this valuable resource. It can mean the difference between life and death.


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