Thank God For The Rain

(From journal entry, October 10, 2013)

It’s raining tonight.  A steady quiet stream of rain pattering lightly on my window.  I can hear little splashes of water as drops of rain fall into small puddles where there are indentations in the grown.  the sound is calming as if God is resting, heaven is silently listening, enjoying the sweet sound of quiet rain.

The night is calm…daytime noises have ceased.  Day light is halted…all enjoying the sound of rain; the quiet move of God as He makes Himself known in the falling of the rain drops.  Even quiet and still, He is at work sending the rain; bathing the earth; cleaning each tiny blade of grass; washing the tree limbs with their leaves hanging limp, bowing to the rain…receiving the freshness, feeling the cleansing…the earth being refreshed as it soaks in the water from heaven.

I pause as I listen and ponder: “where would we be without the Lord?  Who would send the rain?  Who would refresh and replenish the dry earth; the starving vegetation whose only source of life is from above…the sun and the rain…without which, we would all perish.


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