An Honest Approach To Prayer

How does prayer speak to you? What does it say? What thoughts come to your mind when you kneel down to pray?

When you approach the throne, what do you wish to see?  An empty sea of space?  A high exalted place?  Or do you enter in concealing all your sin?

What does prayer mean to you? A receptacle revealed wherein you place your heart’s desires and have them all fulfilled?

What does prayer show to you?  A reflection of who lives inside the pages of your secret book;  the real “you” you seek to hide?  Do you tightly close your eyes, approaching prayer in great disguise?  Hoping desperately not to disclose the things you don’t wish to expose?

How do you come to prayer?  With your inward thoughts concealed?  Not desiring God to steal a glimpse of what’s inside?  Not opening wide the secret place that holds the things you dare not face? The unsightly things, the untold story; the things in which you dare not glory?  Continuing to be deceived, yet desperately hoping to be relieved.

What does prayer say to me?

When I approach the throne, I know I’m not alone.  I come in haste to boldly see a loving God who waits for me;  to welcome me into that place where I find comfort, peace and grace.

In reverence I honor Him. With thanks and praise I bless His name.  I bring my life before His face; sometimes in shambles, sometimes disgrace.  I humbly acknowledge all my wrong, and pray “Dear Father, make me strong.  Wash me clean, forgive my sin, heal my heart and ease the pain so that I may, once again,  feel free to praise your Holy Name.



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