Run Well Life’s Race

How will you account for your day when it is done?  Will you pick up after yourself the pieces of your life left scattered on the floor of time and try to arrange them in the order they were meant to be?

Or will you find a day well spent that started out with knees bent in prayer and an upturned head toward the true source of light, asking earnestly if He might guide your footsteps throughout the day and make your pathway bright?

Or will there be some other way to bring into focus a point in between where nothing is clear, but all a hazy, misty dream where nothing is planned; mindset haphazardly free; your thoughts blowing in the wind?

When the hands of time have reached that magical hour that bids a close to your appointed time, and the chilling hand of death lay hold your shoulder firm, and the years long past flash frantically across your vision screen, what will you see?

What will mark indelibly your hours spent while on life’s fleeting stage?  Will you see battles fought and victories won, or will there be work left undone?  Take heed, my friend, while life still lingers; don’t let it all slip through your fingers.

You are the steward over your life-long reign.  So plan wisely, choose carefully and always seek the good.  Walk that straight and narrow path that leads to peace and rest for those who run well this race called life.



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